A simple and highly reliable laser system with microwave generated repumping light for cold atom experiments

2012  Optics Communications      –

D. Sahagun, V. Bolpasi, and W. von Klitzing


Abstract: The increasing complexity of cold atom experiments puts ever higher demands on the stability and reliability of its components. We present a laser system for atom cooling experiments, which is extremely reliable yet simple to construct and low-cost, thus forming an ideal basis for ultracold atom experiments such as Bose–Einstein condensation and degenerate Fermi gases. The extended cavity (master) diode and slave lasers remain locked over a period of months with a drift in absolute frequency well below 1 MHz with a line-width of less than 300 kHz. We generate the repumper light by modulating the current of an injection locked slave laser at a frequency of 6.6 GHz. The construction of the laser is simple and largely based on off-the-shelf electronic and optomechanical components.

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