Igor Lesanovsky

(University of Nottingham)

Foto fo Igor Lesanovsky

Igor Lesanovsky

Igor Lesanovsky is ERC startup grant holder and Professor of Physics at the University of Nottingham in the UK.


Igor’s research interests are:

  • Strongly correlated spin systems
  • Relaxation and thermalization of closed quantum systems
  • Trapping and manipulation of highly excited (Rydberg) atoms
  • Collective phenomena in ultracold atomic gases
  • Creation of non-classical states of light and matter
  • Quantum Information with atoms and trapped ions
  • Non-equilibrium in open quantum systems

Brief CV

since 2011  Associate Professor and Reader in Physics (University of Nottingham/UK)

2009 – 2011 Lecturer in Physics (University of Nottingham/UK)

2007 – 2009 PostDoc (University of Innsbruck/Austria)

2006 PostDoc (FORTH IESL, Heraklion/Greece)

2003 – 2006 PhD (University of Heidelberg/Germany)

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