Travel Rules

Here are some rules, which have been sent to Wolf by our EU officer (Matteo Mascagni)

Any travel:

Your talk there should be related to MatterWave if you are going to claim these costs under MatterWave project.

The link to MatterWave should be clear and supported by documented evidences like a presentation, a paper, a talk in an approved agenda where MatterWave is mentioned etc.

This rule is valid for all the travels (even within EU).

Please note that if the link to MatterWave is not clear enough we would most probably reject these costs (Experience states that the Reviewers do not agree if it is not clear enough the link between the travel and MatterWave project).

Travel outside of Europe

Any travel outside Europe must be approved by the EU before the departure (please send an email to

You will have to provide:

  1. The agenda of the event where MatterWave (and the Commission and FET) are clearly mentioned
  2. The presentation of your talk where MatterWave (and the Commission and FET) are mentioned.


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