Kai Bongs

(University of Birmingham)

Kai Bongs

Kai Bongs is Professor University of Birmingham

Research interests

My main research interests lie in quantum many body physics and precision quantum sensors, both using the pristine properties of ultracold atoms and combine them with detailed control using quantum optical techniques.

My current projects are:

Quantum Simulation

This project aims at the creation of mixed bosonic and fermionic quantum gases in optical lattices suitable for quantum simulation of fundamental systems, e.g. in condensed matter physics. Particular topics of interest are connections to Fermi-Hubbard physics and high-Tc superconductivity, strongly correlated and disorder-induced phases. This experiment will concentrate in 2D systems, where single site resolution can be achieved, both for manipulation and detection. Single site resolution will allow for a controlled manipulation of the lattice potential and thus e.g. the introduction of controlled disorder to the system which has been predicted to lead to new phases such as Bose-glasses. In a further step the detailed manipulation techniques implemented in this experiment shall be used to achieve controlled entanglement gate operations and thus extend quantum simulation to quantum computation.

Optical Clock

The advent of femtosecond comb systems as optical clockworks (Nobel price 2005) has enabled optical frequencies to be used as a time standard. The higher frequencies of the transitions enable unprecedented accuracy which opens a whole new field of applications, form precision tests of fundamental physics to mineral exploration. This project aims at the realization of a mobile frequency standard, which would allow precision time comparison as well as relativistic geodesy with potential accuracies of only a few cm. This instrument could act as a prototype for future space missions aiming at fundamental tests or laser-ranging gravitational wave detection.


2007- Chair for Cold Atoms at the University of Birmingham

2002-2007 Research Assistant, University of Hamburg

2000-2002 Research Assistant, Yale University

1999-2000 Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Hannover

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