A note to female students and post-docs

We note and lament the fact, that female scientists are substantially underrepresented in key scientific and research positions [European Commission She Figures 2006: Women and science, statistics and indicators (EUR22049, 2006)]. We therefore encourage strongly applications from competent female researchers.

All partner institutions of the MatterWave network have clear equal opportunities policies ensuring equal and fair recruitment and employment of men and women. In order to make MatterWave physics even more attractive to female researchers, we support participation of women by the following measures:

  • We provide best possible support including career advice, language training, cultural integration and day care facilities.
  • Flexible working hours will be offered where it is feasible within the project to provide family support.
  • Strong support for women participating in the project in managing and training roles.
  • Female researchers are encouraged to join groups improving networking among female scientists, such as the European Platform of Women Scientists.
  • The researchers will profit from the experience of partners who have already attracted a significant fraction of female staff and students, e.g., 66% of the PhD students at IESL are female.
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