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The position is now closed.

We are seeking a keen experimentalist to join our group at IESL-FORTH on Crete (Greece) as a PhD student on the topic of  “Guided Matter Wave interferometry”. The studentship is funded through the EU projects QTea and MatterWave (Interferomtry). The studentship should ideally start by Oct 2013 at the latest and its initial duration is three years. The student will be expected to be able to act independently and will be co-supervised by a postdoctoral researcher working on the same project.

The project will address the important challenge of performing ultra-high resolution matter-wave interferometry both on earth and in space.  The terrestrial part of the student’s work will focus on producing the first guided matter-wave Sagnac interferometer based on Bose-Einstein Condensate.  The second part of his work will be involved with the STE-QUEST mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), which aims at testing Einstein’s equivalence principle.

As part of the PhD work the student will be able to spend  two months at the leading high-end diode laser manufacturer Toptica in Munich and one month at the atom-chip group at the University of Nottingham.

Candidates should have a background in experimental physics, a strong academic record, a demonstrated commitment, and a motivation to work hard. A master or diploma thesis or prior research experience will be desirable.

If you are interested please contact me at Applications should be addressed to and should contain a complete cv, a letter of motivation, and the electronic addresses of three referees familiar with the candidate.

The PhD position is initially for 3 years (if starting by Oct 2013) with a full employment contract with a gross salary of about 34.000EU (gross) per year. Interviews will be from June 10 onwards till a suitable student is hired.

The applicant should have a maximum of four years full-time equivalent research experience.

We are an equal opportunities employer and strongly encourage applications from female students.

Best wishes,

Wolf von Klitzing

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