Double-pass tapered amplifier diode laser with an output power of 1 W for an injection power of only 200 μW

2010  Review of Scientific Instruments   81   113108 

V. Bolpasi and W. von Klitzing

Abstract: A 1 W tapered amplifier requiring only 200 μW of injection power at 780 nm is presented in this paper. This is achieved by injecting the seeding light into the amplifier from its tapered side and feeding the amplified light back into the small side. The amplified spontaneous emission of the tapered amplifier is suppressed by 75 dB. The double-passed tapered laser, presented here, is extremely stable and reliable. The output beam remains well coupled to the optical fiber for a timescale of months, whereas the injection of the seed light did not require realignment for over a year of daily operation.


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