One-dimensional Lieb-Liniger Bose gas as nonrelativistic limit of the sinh-Gordon model

2010  PHYSICAL REVIEW A   81   043606 

M. Kormos, G. Mussardo, and A. Trombettoni

Abstract: The repulsive Lieb-Liniger model can be obtained as the nonrelativistic limit of the sinh-Gordon model: all physical quantities of the latter model (S-matrix, Lagrangian, and operators) can be put in correspondence with those of the former. We use this mapping, together with the thermodynamical Bethe ansatz equations and the exact form factors of the sinh-Gordon model, to set up a compact and general formalism for computing the expectation values of the Lieb-Liniger model both at zero and finite temperatures. The computation of one-point correlators is thoroughly detailed and when possible compared with known results in the literature.


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