Non-Abelian Anyons from Degenerate Landau Levels of Ultracold Atoms in Artificial Gauge Potentials

2010  PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS   105   125304 

M. Burrello and A. Trombettoni

Abstract: We show that non-Abelian potentials acting on ultracold gases with two hyperfine levels can give rise to ground states with non-Abelian excitations. We consider a realistic gauge potential for which the Landau levels can be exactly determined: The non-Abelian part of the vector potential makes the Landau levels nondegenerate. In the presence of strong repulsive interactions, deformed Laughlin ground states occur in general. However, at the degeneracy points of the Landau levels, non-Abelian quantum Hall states appear: These ground states, including deformed Moore-Read states (characterized by Ising anyons as quasi-holes), are studied for both fermionic and bosonic gases.

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