Longitudinal character of atom-chip-based rf-dressed potentials

2008  Physical Review A   77   063623 

J. J. P. van Es, S. Whitlock, T. Fernholz, A. H. van Amerongen, and N. J. van Druten


Abstract: We experimentally investigate the properties of radio-frequency-dressed potentials for Bose-Einstein condensates on atom chips. The three-dimensional potential forms a connected pair of parallel waveguides. We show that rf-dressed potentials are robust against the effect of small magnetic-field variations on the trap potential. Long-lived dipole oscillations of condensates induced in the rf-dressed potentials can be tuned to a remarkably low damping rate. We study a beam splitter for Bose-Einstein condensates and show that a propagating condensate can be dynamically split in two vertically separated parts and guided along two paths. The effect of gravity on the potential can be tuned and compensated for using a rf-field gradient.

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