Simultaneous optical trapping and detection of atoms by microdisk resonators

2006  Physical Review A   73   063805 

M. Rosenblit, Y. Japha, P. Horak, and R. Folman

Abstract: We propose a scheme for simultaneously trapping and detecting single atoms near the surface of a substrate using whispering gallery modes of a microdisk resonator. For efficient atom-mode coupling, the atom should be placed within approximately 150 nm from the disk. We show that a combination of red and blue detuned modes can form an optical trap at such distances while the backaction of the atom on the field modes can simultaneously be used for atom detection. We investigate these trapping potentials including van-der-Waals and Casimir-Polder forces and discuss corresponding atom detection efficiencies, depending on a variety of system parameters. Finally, we analyze the feasibility of nondestructive detection.

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